Dental Injuries After a Truck Accident

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At any point in your life, it is possible to get a dental injury. This can happen with you sustain an impact from a moving object during sports, when you slip and fall, or when you are in some type of automobile accident. However, one of the most dangerous types of automobile accidents you can get in is with a truck. The force of a truck can cause severe damage to many areas of your body, and because your head most commonly gets moved from side to side or back and forth in a truck accident, you can end up doing extreme damage to your teeth. When this is the case, you should seek dental help as soon as possible after the accident to have a dentist assess your injuries and help you and your attorney with your claim by providing the documentation you need. 

 What kinds of dental injuries can occur in truck accidents?

There are many types of dental injuries you can sustain when you are the victim in a truck accident. Especially because of how heavy a truck is and potentially how fast they were going when they hit you, you might be dealing with some type of facial disfigurement. Below, you will read about the most common types of dental injuries that occur in these accidents. 

  1. Dislodged Tooth. When a tooth dislodges, it partially comes out of its socket and shifts around in the gum. When this kind of damage occurs, it is important that you seek help from your dentist within a few hours of your tooth dislodging so that they can help get it in place. This may only be possible by conducting a root canal or through splinting.
  2. Cracked Teeth. Cracked teeth are extremely common after truck accidents and you should seek help from your dentist within 12 hours after the accident occurred so that they can do everything possible to try to save the teeth. If the chip is only minor, your dentist may only need to do a cosmetic binding to help the tooth from decaying and discoloring. However, more severe cracked or fractured teeth may need a root canal or they may need to be fully replaced.
  3. Lost Tooth. It does not take much impact for a tooth get knocked out completely. When this happens, you should seek help from your dentist immediately. It is possible that even if you have the knocked-out tooth your dentist will still need to fully replace it.

 Can I get compensation for my dental injuries?

We have worked with many patients to get them compensation for their dental injuries after an accident like this. It is possible to receive compensation for dental procedures like:

  •     Veneers
  •     Fillings
  •     Bonding
  •     Crowns
  •     Implants, and more

If you were recently in a truck accident and sustained dental injuries, you should seek help from a dentist as soon as possible after the accident occurred. They can work with you and your attorney to provide you with the documentation you need for your claim and the treatment you need to heal.


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